Movers and packers in Pune - Intracity and intercity shifting

Owing to various reasons, people living in Pune and nearby areas require to move from one place to other. They often switch homes within the city, so as to minimize distance between home and work. This shifting is known as intracity shifting.


And sometimes, they relocate from Pune to another city, after getting better opportunities there. This is known as intercity shifting. However, relocating to a new place requires them to go through the same tedious process of packing, loading of items, transportation, unloading of items and then unpacking.

Still, they need a few days’ time to settle down the things in their new home.

Movers and packers in Pune

Happy packers and movers are a movers and packers in Pune, who help people in both intercity and intracity shifting. Some of the features of their services include:

  1. Full Support From Beginning to End: The team of Happy Packers and Movers is dedicated to its customers. When they take up the job of relocating a home, they are present at every beck and call. They don’t leave until they find the new place settled.


  1. Personal Touch & Care In Packing: Unlike many other movers and packers in Pune, they handle each and every item with care. They believe that the loss caused to the customer is the indirect loss caused to them. Thus, the pick and keep everything with utmost care.
  2. Quality & Safety Assurance: Very few movers and packers in Pune come with this feature even though all customers look out for quality and safety assurance. They use safety precautions while packaging, have good quality packaging material and secure monitoring on the go. You can be free from the fear of breakages, wear and tear, theft, and malfunction while relocating.


  1. Temporary Storage Facilities: In case you are relocating to a different city, which is at a father distance, the transportation needs breaks. With happy packers and movers, you can be relaxed about the temporary storage requirements. They have established connections all across India and can manage your items easily.
  2. Dedicated Milestone Achievement: Your home relocation will be split into milestones, which are to be achieved at specific intervals of time. With the best people doing it for you, everything will be completed on time. You won’t suffer because the relocation services will never be late.
  3. Reasonable Pricing Structure: Having so much good value to deliver to the customers, these movers and packers in Pune come in affordable prices. The reasonable pricing of services gives them an edge over others. There are no hidden costs.


The planning and management involved in the home shifting process is entirely different when done by a professional company. Thus, hiring reliable, reputed and responsible packers and movers in Pune can make your troublesome relocating ten times easier.

If you are looking out for home relocation and shifting, you know where you have to go for safe and secure shifting. Need we say more?